Not growing on Instagram?

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I’ve got news for you. The rationale you are not growing on Instagram has less to try with the algorithm and more to try together with your content.

The good news is that this is often TOTALLY within your control, meaning you’ve got the facility to vary your strategy so you’ll reach more people. So what is the secret to making magnetic content which will not only get you more followers but

more LEADS and SALES?

You have to talk on to your IDEAL client/customer. AKA is the one that will most enjoy your program/service or offer.

Are you crystal clear on who this person is? If you’re having to believe this, the likelihood is that you are not.

Here’s what I would like you to try to do.

Think about that client you absolutely LOVE. They seem to be a dream to figure with and they are your biggest ambassador, referring to many other clients your way.

Think about their key characteristics. How old are they? What are they doing for a living? What’s their family and relationship status? What problems or struggles do they need and most significantly, what are their biggest hopes, dreams, and desires?

If you are not sure, reach out and ask them. If they’re your dream client they will not mind you reaching bent, do some research.

Now that you simply know who this person is, keep them within the forefront of your mind when creating any piece of content for Instagram (or the other marketing platform for that matter).

Be sure to talk about those struggles and desires.

When you do that effectively, other dream clients will feel as if you’re speaking on to them, magnetizing them to you and your business.

Give it an attempt to let my skills work for you!

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