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When it’s okay to Instagram unfollow 2021

instagram unfollow

We discuss followers a lot on Instagram but don’t really discuss following. I am not going to get into a debate on a “healthy” follower/following ratio but rather would like to see if you regularly audit those you are following (I do!).

I am usually hovering around the 600 following mark. Sounds like a lot of people to keep tabs on at first but not everybody posts all the time. And some of those I follow don’t follow me back, yet I still view and sometimes engage with their content (celeb’s, etc).

But I do regularly audit those I follow. If I see an account that has been inactive for 3+ months then chances are I will stop following it. Unless I know for sure that person is still on the platform in some capacity just not regularly posting.

It’s worth checking your ‘least interacted with’ list because this is where the accounts you follow but don’t interact with at all reside. And these accounts are less likely to appear in your feed anyway because you don’t interact with them. So it’s worth checking to see whether you still really need to be following them.

Are you auditing those you follow?

Author: @iamalancreasey

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