If you want to maximize your chances of growing on Instagram you should avoid these pitfalls.

1.) Don’t think your design doesn’t matter. You don’t need to be a graphic designer or photoshop pro but make the effort to create pleasing designs.
2.) Always use a grid when laying out your designs. This will help you align things correctly and allow you to incorporate white space around your elements.
3.) Don’t overlap your images and text unless you know what you’re doing. Anything that is difficult to read will detract from your message and people may click away without reading.
4.) Almost always align text to the left. We read left to right so this allows us to read much easier and instantly find the start of the next line without issue. If you want people to read your content then make it easy for them.
5.) Posting and ghosting is a no-no unless you have pre-scheduled content and really cannot be there when you post. The best time to engage is when you have just posted so try to publish and stay on the platform for at least 30 minutes straight after.
6.) Keep things legible and think about color choices. Contrast is important too and if in doubt you can use to check your contrast to see if it’s clear enough.

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