Why is your Instagram grow so slowly?

Instagram growing slowly
When it comes to trying to grow your account Instagram organically, it is definitely a challenge.
You are beyond confused about what you are doing wrong.
The thing is there are probably multiple things that you are doing that could be affecting your growth.

You’re not posting regularly! If you are not posting regularly this will greatly affect you and your engagement.

If you post once or twice a week and just disappear out of the blue your audience stop caring. They will question why they follow you if you are not posting as often as usual. The less active you are, the less space you will occupy in the minds of your Instagram followers.

Without regularity, your followers won’t stay informed or engaged. The more often you post the better it is for you to get ahead of your competition. If you start posting less, your competition will get ahead of you.

You’re using Common Templates! Creativity is a must when it comes to your Instagram page. If you are using a common app to create graphics, there is a big chance you could be using common templates. Since these are common templates, that means tons of other people will be using them.

To avoid looking like everyone else’s graphics, try to be more creative. Use those common templates for inspiration and customize them!

You’re Ignoring the Stats! Every week you need to keep track of your statistics to know where you’re doing well and where you are needing to focus more on. Of course, if you are not looking at these statistics you could be damaging your own page. Analyze which posts have performed the best or the least, how your community is progressing, what types of interactions you’re getting traffic.

You’re Focusing on Quantity over Quality! Yes posting a lot is very important, but posting too much of the same generic content could also badly affect your account. Your audience will soon realize that the things you are posting are not save-worthy content. They will quickly find out that you’re posting random things, not providing any value.

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