Grow your business on Instagram


A lot of people I connect with share this desire but the action & follow-through either make this a reality or a long-standing wish.

This is why I created this checklist to help you make tangible steps towards growing & nurturing your Instagram on business.

💥Save your reels to your phone — just in case there’s a glitch it’s better to be safe than sorry!

💥Set your Instagram timer — in the Your Activity setting select the Time dashboard to create & Set Daily Reminder—when the times up it’s up folks!

💥Be real — you get what you give here, the reality is it’s not enough just to post high-quality content you must get on out there & make new connections!

💥Review your analytics — the data doesn’t lie, if you’re serious about growing your account you should get in the habit of checking your analytics to see your top-performing posts. Are there common topics/themes? This will spark more ideas & boost engagement if you replicate!

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